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Reach Millions of customers with just a click of a button through 100% personalised campaign

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RetailZoom has developed cutting-edge statistical analysis and data visualization techniques to extract the maximum value from the big data of your business.

The “Artemis” system delivers  data-informed recommendations on the best fit of product and consumer.

Communicating with the customer in their “needs language” has proved to have more impact than any type of promotional activity. Understanding the customer’s needs and showing through communication your active presence has a positive impact on customer loyalty in general and not just store loyalty

Business Case

Overview: A retailer who has 2 million loyalty cards was searching for a way to communicate personally with their customers on a weekly basis.

Goal: Show every customer that they are cared for, appreciated at a personal level and at the same time optimise sales by increasing the customer’s basket size. This was viewed as a give and take relationship. Both the customer and the retailer will benefit while at the same time will keep investing in their relationship and ultimately not only increase existing customer loyalty, but also  create loyalty with every customer entering every single store across the country.

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Challenges: Data consolidation and data warehousing. Unifying the data and compiling it from historical transactions to social media interactions to customer support are always the most vital and complicated parts of the process in this journey.  

Communication with all the customers who have agreed to profiling communication via email and SMS was another hurdle with unknown risks and implications as no communication was made previously.

Approach: the key to success was to understand that no customer is the same as another. Appreciating each customer’s uniqueness and understanding their needs was the best approach. We first consolidated the data and then customer segmentations were carried out based on the customer’s purchasing patterns in order to be able to profile the customers.  Artemis-CRM is  our execution tool that recommends the optimum product to each customer.

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Sent Millions of emails with just a click of a button to all the customers. Every customer received a different email, with different product recommendations that were relevant only to them.

In order to evaluate the campaign effectiveness, the campaign tracker was used, and the results achieved were very satisfying.

There was a 25% Redemption rate by customers who have received the email communication  and actually opened the email and 12% of those customers have purchased a product that was recommended to them. In a period of 10 weeks the customers who purchased products recommended to them had 7%-9% sales uplift (additional to their average weekly spending).

Food for thought

When a customer enters your store, they are honoring you as a Retailer. The minute that customer subscribes to a loyalty card you are given an opportunity to convert that customer into a lifetime relationship.

Customers are the soul of the business and speaking their purchasing language will have a positive impact on the loyalty levels and the sales uplift.

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