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Listening to customer voice and engaging shoppers to optimize experiences

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InTouch – Customer Experience Management

Keep in touch with your customers everyday

Get invaluable insights from hundreds and even thousands of real customers just moments after their shopping experience and their interaction with your organization’s services”.

  • Customers have the opportunity to express their views on their shopping experience wherever they are, at their convenience.
  • Customers go online and complete a questionnaire – customized for each retailer – about their latest shopping experience.
  • Findings are reported to the business at store level in real time via the online InTouch dashboard.
  • Based on a comprehensive voluntarily opted-in database of real customers, it provides up-to-date and accurate contact information (telephone, email) used for both future direct marketing campaigns but most importantly for immediately communicating with dissatisfied customers through the built-in customer complaint management system.
  • Each InTouch program is individually designed to gain maximum participation by the customers and ensure valuable quantitative and qualitative feedback.

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Click below to download the InTouch leaflet.

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InTouch- Product Experience Management

Keep in touch with your brand’s customers everyday

“Get connected with and get a continuous flow of views and opinions from hundreds and even thousands of your real customers about their recent experience with your products. Use this tool also to increase your sales by providing the mechanism to incentivize customers to buy your products”

  • Customers use the secret code found on each package to log on to the Intouch Product Experience platform
  • Customers complete a short online questionnaire about the product they purchased
  • Results are delivered to the manufacturer at regional level in real time through the Intouch Product Experience Management platform
  • Manufacturers can now easily run national and retailer specific in-store competitions for their real customers
  • Manufacturers and suppliers can now start building their own end customers’ database with validated opted in email addresses and phone numbers

To get a first-hand experience on our fully customizable InTouch Product Experience Management questionnaire interface, click here and evaluate an FMCG product you recently purchased! Use product code: roF

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InTouch- Salesforce Performance Management

Give voice to your trade customers

Customers, based across any location, have the opportunity to provide  feedback at each and every interaction with Distributor. 

  • Trade customers go online, fill in a short questionnaire and win a prize.
  • Invite on different customer points (invoice/statements etc).
  • Email confirmation is sent to customers upon completion with voucher attachment facility (as alternative to a draw etc).
  • Results are delivered online and in real time through user friendly, graphical dashboards with viewing privileges for each user.
  • Facility to set up email alerts for specific issues brought up by customers in open ended questions