“Data is the new oil..”, but before we get to that we decided that we wanted to make Oil our new data! We combine our expertise on data automations, analytics and business intelligence alongside with the utilization of publicly available resources to provide you with daily data of Fuel Prices in Cyprus.

And this is how GasWatch is born!

An interactive reporting tool which can help you explore, analyze and gain knowledge about this everyday topic!

How it Works

Our tool consists of a wide range of visualizations such as a Map, KPIs, histograms, trend graphs and pie charts to present the latest available data.
First, you need to select the Fuel Type you wish to explore. Then all visualizations adjust to show data for the selected type.

The stage is yours!

Future Developments

Stay tuned for some of the upcoming tools which will include:

Stay tuned!

Data is knowledge, knowledge is Power! Data for the People!

We would like to invite people, experts on the field, as well as data passionate individuals to discuss further ideas, share feedback and explore any business applications using data!