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MyReward: Product Loyalty Scheme

“Increase your brand loyalty and attract new consumers. Build and maintain a loyalty scheme for your brands while getting a continuous flow of views and opinions from your real customers”.

The scheme works in a few simple steps:

  • Customer buys the participating product which carries a unique secret code, part of the loyalty program, and advertised by the product supplier to encourage customer purchase.
  • He/She goes online to “MyReward” platform and creates a loyalty account using the secret code. Then, he/she sets up a username and password for his/her account and completes an online questionnaire about his/her experience with the product. Results are delivered to the manufacturer/supplier in real time through an online dashboard system similar to our InTouch product experience management.
  • Every time a customer buys a product participating in the scheme, he/she logs in and registers the product using the secret code found on each package to receive the corresponding points.
  • At the end of each month, the system generates and sends a personalized email voucher to the customers who reached the points required for the reward, automatically updating their accounts. Moreover, customers who did not reach the reward’s points are also informed about their points balance and are reminded of the points required for the reward.
  • At the end of each month, the MyReward system provides a detailed report with all changes in customers’ loyalty accounts.

MyReward: Store Loyalty Scheme

“Boost your loyalty and attract new customers by building and maintaining a loyalty scheme for your customers while getting the CRM analytics you need to understand customer behaviour and create one- to- one marketing campaigns”.

MyReward store is the answer to any retailer who wants to have the benefits of a loyalty scheme and CRM but whose business model does not allow for the implementation of a typical plastic card loyalty system where customers accumulate points using their card at checkout and redeem points whenever they want to. Here the solution allows the retailer to create the scheme using customer accounts and send the reward vouchers to customers reaching the points’ threshold. Consider for example a B2B stationery company delivering stationery to its clients who order over the phone. The company has its customers’ accounts so MyReward store tracks customers’ purchases and issues and sends the bonus vouchers according to the threshold set by the company. Other examples of such businesses are quick service restaurants (QSR) mainly relying on delivery, hotel chains, automotive repair and oil change shops, courier services, utility companies, pay TV companies, telephone and ISP companies, B2B companies etc.

The service comes with a suite of CRM analytics based on client needs and sophistication. Bottom line, MyReward is the A to Z loyalty scheme, providing the points accumulation mechanism, CRM analytics and a direct marketing tool.

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