Gain and retain customers’ loyalty and satisfaction.


A leading Cosmetics company with presence many years now and popular in the whole region, which expanded into e-Commerce too. Their clientele is growing so they wanted to ensure to show the appreciation to their loyal customers and elevate their customer experience.

Due to the huge volume of clientele, it makes it hard for them to find out the perfect personalised offer, the timing and also communicate that customised offer to each and every one of them.

RetailZoom, proposed a new way of expressing gratitude.


The big question was ‘How can we keep our customers coming back?’. Offer them something they already like.

Our goal was to implement a ‘Buy Again’ option for our client’s customers but only were applicable and within a valid timeframe. The goal was to increase the chance of a customer purchasing the same product again in the near future.

Another big question was ‘When is the right time to recommend it to them?’.

In a single question, their challenge was, ‘Can we recommend to our customers those products in a relevant timeframe when they are more likely to purchase them again?’.


You can learn many things about your customers from their purchase behaviours and product consumption.

Our dedicated Science team combined a variety of attributes to effectively estimate the time when a loyalty cardholder’s ‘favourite’ product will run out. An algorithm was built, customized to RetailZoom’s client needs. Proactively be there for your customer.

Additional conditions and criteria are made, specific to their goals and strategies. The communication with their customers is made through our proprietary execution tool Artemis, specialised in personalized campaigns and always compliant with GDPR.


RetailZoom offered a new approach for them to communicate and interact with their customers and went the extra mile by incorporating additional modules through our BI platform.

RetailZoom helped the client with:

  • Creating a new direct and relevant approach to communicate with their customers
  • Personalized emails ahead of time with their favourite products, just before they run out and need to come and buy them again
  • Extra awards and benefits for their customers
  • BI tools to monitor the performance of campaigns and provide insightful statistics
  • Innovative way to engage with customers and improve customer experience and loyalty

What you will get from us:


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Proprietary CRM tool to send/monitor your campaigns

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BI Tool for tracking your goals