Should I stay or should I go? Does Online Shopping Experience matter?

E-commerce has come to stay!

Based on feedback from RetailZoom Customer Voice programs, but also according to international projects* across Germany, UK, and the US, confirms that product/brand reviews are growing rapidly in importance as drivers to purchase amongst online customers.

What is more, non-availability of a brand of interest in a particular website is far more likely to lead to brand switching and loss of a sale rather than shoppers searching an alternative website to find or visit a physical store!

Shoppers will switch websites, however, if inaccurate or insufficient information on products/brands is displayed. To be more precise, 86% of shoppers were likely to switch to a better-informed website if product/brand info was missing (including brand reviews) highlighting the importance to have a consistent, complete communication on brands,  regardless of where they are available .

Ongoing customer feedback is key to building a relevant, online shopping experience. The proof is increased Sales!

(*) Source inriver 2022